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Life, Health, Medicare, Annuities
Individual, Small or Large Group
Whatever your specific needs, you need an agent with your best interests in mind. Let's work together to find the right product for you!
It's Important
Protect your family. Protect your future. Now.
It's a tricky business. And it changes. All the time. You need an agent who has your best interests in mind. An agent that "keeps up" with all the latest information. That's the best reason to use an independent agent/broker for your life, annuity and health insurance needs. Whether for individual or group needs, an independent agent can help you navigate the sea of choices. A personal consultation is free. No obligation.
Of course, I hope that I can help you, and earn your business.
Please call or email for an appointment. The number is (626) 869-6724.
If I am meeting with another client, just leave a message. I'll get right back to you!
OHere's the email address for information.

If you wish, just use one of the handy links on this page for available quotes for some of the products. For Blue Sheild; Anthem Blue Cross; Aetna;; and Spirit Dental and Vision you can get your quote and usually enroll right away. For Travel Insurance, too. For some products, or for special personal consultations,  we need to meet and do paperwork. Let's do it. Right now.
Travel Insurance
Many of my clients travel - whether for business, extended vacation, long term relocation,or just a quick trip. Make sure
you are insured! Click here to shop for just the right type of Travel Insurance for you!
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Life Insurance
Often it's hard to make the decision to purchase life insurance, but it's an important step to take. Get a personalized quote by submitting a secure form here. You will be contacted with the resulting information. Let's get you and yours protected as soon as possible. There are products for all stages of life.
Health Insurance
Health Insurance - it can be confusing and frustrating. It often takes careful research to get the plan best suited for your needs. Quotes are available using the links to the right (Blue Shield, Blue Cross, Aetna, or get a confidential, personal consultation - Start by submitting a secure form here.

Get a Blue Shield 65 Plus
Medicare Advantage Plan-

Dental Plans
Dental and Vision Plans are something great but hard to find! Start here by getting a personalized quote (apply/enroll if you wish).Choose any dentist, no waiting periods, no monthly association or billing fees,  choice of maximums, even implant coverage.CLICK HERE to get started!
Stop Paying Full Price at the Dentist! has many great plans. Visit my site or  Start here by clicking the
pic and getting a personalized quote (apply/enroll
if you wish). These are discount plans - not insurance. Many people use them in addition to their Dental Insurance coverage, which all to often is not enough!
Click here to get a quote
from Anthem Blue Cross
(Apply and Enroll too!)
Dental / Vision Plan Combinations
What Do Your Eyes Say About You?
You can tell a lot about a person through their eyes. But did you know your eyes can also tell a VSP doctor a lot about you? Even if you’ve had laser vision surgery or have naturally good vision, you still need an annual eye exam.
Vision Plans for small and large groups. Great benefit for small businesses!
Click the logos and pics for quotes (you may also apply online) 
Blue Shield